Is there a swimmer in your household? Or perhaps you want to block out annoying
or distracting sounds? Whatever the case, you want to be sure to keep yours and your child’s ears healthy.

Many ears are sensitive to the bacteria that may be present in swimming water, and/or are prone to infection. Keep your ears dry and protect them from painful Swimmer’s Ear with our VERY COOL custom-fitted swim plugs. They float, have handles for easy removal, and can be stamped with your initials. They come in neon colors (solid or swirled effect) that kids love . . . so “cool” that they can’t wait to wear them!! Some may want more than one pair to match their swim suits.

Our swim plugs are not only effective in keeping dry ears dry, but they also do double-duty for blocking out distracting noises. Do you or your child have difficulty blocking out background noise while reading, studying, doing homework, or trying to sleep? Or is your child uncomfortable at loud places or social events? Our custom earplugs can make these situations more bearable, and they are comfortable for extended wear because they are soft and molded to the individual’s own ear.

Originally designed for use while surface swimming or showering to prevent moisture from entering the ear canal, the AQ is also a superb sound attenuator. Available in a variety of colors and color combinations, with a Noise Reduction Rating of 27 dB.

Comes with a 90-day guarantee on fit, and a full one year warranty for defects. Discounts available on 2 or more sets. Contact us for more information.