Refer a Friend

Refer A Friend 1

Win A $150 Visa Gift Card!

Any current patient can refer new patients to our practice. The more patients you refer, the better your chances of winning.

Increase Your Odds

Here’s how it works:

• For each new patient you refer who purchases hearing devices from us and completes their trial period, we’ll automatically enter your name in our raffle.

• There is no limit to how many entries you can have per quarter.

• If we select your name during the quarterly raffle drawing, you win a $150 Visa gift card! Drawings will be quarterly and we will notify winners by phone, text, or email.

• See our FAQs below for more information. You know better than anyone how frustrating hearing loss can be and that getting the right help can improve your quality of life. Make a difference in the life of a friend or family member—refer them to H.E.A.R.S. Audiology today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Gift Card For?

The winner will receive a Visa gift card for $150 to be used wherever Visa cards are accepted.

What If My Friend Returns Their Hearing Aids?

The raffle award is contingent on the referred patient purchasing and keeping their hearing devices beyond the trial period. If the patient returns the hearing aids, your name will not be entered in the raffle and you will not be eligible to receive the raffle award. However, you will receive a small token of our appreciation for every new patient referred to us who is seen for an initial hearing test, regardless of whether they purchase hearing aids.

What If I Refer Three New Patients In The Same Quarter And One Of Them Returns Their Hearing Aids?

Your name will not be entered in the drawing for the patient who returned their hearing aids. However, your name will be entered twice for the two patients who did complete their trial period. Therefore, you would have two raffle entries and two chances to win, instead of three for that quarter.

Can I Participate In More Than One Raffle Drawing?

Yes. Your name will be automatically entered into the drawing upon completion of the referred patient’s trial period. Each time you refer a patient who purchases and keeps their hearing aids, you will be automatically entered into the raffle for that quarter. The more patients you refer, the more raffle entries you will have, and the greater the chances that your name will be drawn.

If I Win, When Will I Receive The Award?

The winner will receive the award within 30 days after the drawing.

Can I Win More Than Once?

Yes. There will be one winner per quarter, and you can win more than once.

If I Don’t Win, Will My Raffle Entry Be Carried Over To The Following Quarter?

No. This is a quarterly drawing and all raffle entries are discarded after the winner claims his/her award. You would have to refer another new patient to us to be eligible to win a subsequent drawing.

Do I Have To Be Present At The Time Of The Drawing To Win?

No. We will contact the winner by their preferred means of contact (e.g., phone, email, or text).

Will My Name Or Photo Be Used In Any Advertising?

We would like to use your name and/or photo to announce winners of our raffle drawings. However, this is not a requirement of winning. If you agree, we would need your permission, though you are not obligated and may remain anonymous if you wish.

Can I Refer My Spouse Or Other Family Member To Be Included In The Raffle?

Yes. Family members count toward the raffle as long as they are a new patient to our office.