The H.E.A.R.S. Experience

We are thankful for our referral sources: physicians, psychologists, neurologists, speech/language pathologists, school districts, preschools & day care centers, Montessori schools, and most importantly, our current and previous clients.  We are pleased to share with you a sampling of excerpts from client testimonials (of course, with their permission).

Audiologist Kathleen Page provides excellent personal service. She answers all questions clearly and also fills in what you do not think of asking; when finished with your consultation you really know what is happening and what to expect. She spends plenty of time with you and is very kind; 5 stars is very appropriate ~ Ruth P.

I am new to H.E.A.R.S but am so glad I found it. I have been avoiding dealing with my hearing loss for years and because of it I have missing out on so much. That all changed when I found H.E.A.R.S. Kathleen is so helpful and really listens to my concerns and makes adjustments to my hearing aids so that I can fully enjoy my days and not miss anything. With her help their is no more “what was that” or “can you repeat that” my life has changed for the better and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who wants to take that hard first step to take care of your hearing, you will not regret it! ~ Whitney R.

A low key, friendly and professional office. My hearing test was much more thorough than one of the chain establishment’s. Kathleen took the time to explain my results. She spent more than an hour fitting my hearing aids and explaining all their features when they came in. She loaded the brand’s app on my phone and enabled Bluetooth capability for my phone and tv. I am so pleased with her effort and the improvement that I now wear my hearing aids all the time. ~ Gail C.

The Audiologist, Kathleen Page at H.E.A.R.S in Smithtown is amazing. She was very thorough, caring, patient, and very knowledgeable when testing me and adjusting the hearing aids to balance out my hearing deficiencies. She also helped me get the top of the line Phonenak M90 hearing aid with Bluetooth connectivity at a discount. I love my Bluetooth hearing aids. No more wearing headphones, or earbuds at the gym, or anywhere. I listen to music, podcast, anything right from my phone to my hearing aids, and still have a conversation with someone. Thank you Kathleen!!!. ~ B. Sosa

Kathleen Page is excellent. She tuned my hearing aids and overcame much of my hearing loss. I have a total loss in one ear. She provided a BiCros system to compensate for it. Now i have improved hearing in the car , also music and TV. Not all audiologists are able to balance Cros aids. She is very professional and pleasant to work with. I never felt rushed or pressured to buy aids. You can’t ask for more then what Kathleen provides. ~ B. M.

Kathy was my first experience with an audiologist and I was very lucky. I have been seeing her since 2013 and have only good thing to say about her. She is patient and explains everything so clearly. ~ M. S.

Kathleen Page was fantastic. She took her time with my Nana, very patient, kind and thorough.  ~ D. B.

I have hearing loss in both ears and was not able to find hearing aids that were functional, comfortable, and improved my hearing in various environments. That changed when I found H.E.A.R.S. Audiology in Smithtown, NY. Kathy Page and her staff are remarkably friendly, demonstrate expertise, and are willing to work with you to find the best hearing aids at the best price. H.E.A.R.S. provides continued monitoring of my hearing and offers free checkups. They provide great personal service. After failing to find satisfaction at other retail outlets and even audiology depts at major NYC hospitals, I have been going to H.E.A.R.S. for over five years and highly recommend you give them a try.  ~ J. C.

Kathleen is the best. She has helped me with my hearing loss and is helping me with in ear monitors for when I play with my many musicial projects. Do your ears a favor and check out HEARS Audiology.  ~ D. B.

Excellent, professional and detailed. Very informative with many selections. Took all the time needed to answer all questions, and I never felt pressured. Great with follow-up visits. I am very happy my ENT Doctor from Flushing, Queens recommended me to see Kathleen at HEARS AUDIOLOGY. Now I hardly ever ask people to repeat what they said. I would recommend them to anyone. ~ P.M.

Kathy Page is a wonderful audiologist & I highly recommend her. She understands a lot about hearing loss & she is very knowledgeable about fitting hearing aids. She is very patient & listens to your concerns & addresses your needs. ~ C.G.

Kathy is most experienced. She helps with whatever you need and hearing aids are great. ~ A.G.

I have been using Kathy Page, the audiologist at HEARS Audiology for 8 years and I have been very pleased with the care and concern that I have received for all these years. I would highly recommend her for anyone who has problems with hearing. ~ J.N.

Excellent on all counts. The office is clean and comfortable, and the vibe is down to earth but professional. The results of my hearing test were explained in a way that I could understand and for the first time I understand why I can hear but sometimes have trouble understanding the words. I always thought everyone was mumbling, but now I realize that it is because of the type of hearing loss I have. Kathleen (the audiologist) recommended hearing aids and from the beginning I noticed that I could hear much better. I hardly ever ask people to repeat what they said and I am no longer tired at the end of the day from trying so hard to decipher what people are saying. I am happy I went to HEARS AUDIOLOGY and I am confident in recommending them to anyone. ~ L.V.

This was my first time at HEARS and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised with the patience, knowledge and understanding of the entire staff. I was a little nervous about having my hearing tested (because who wants to hear that they have a hearing problem, right?), but the warm welcome that I received from both the receptionist and the audiologist immediately put me at ease. The hearing test was very thorough and the audiologist explained the test results in a way that I could understand. She took all the time that I needed to answer all my questions, and I never felt that I was being rushed or pressured. I am very happy someone recommended HEARS Audiology to me. If I ever need to purchase hearing aids, you better believe I will be going back to HEARS. ~J.

“I wanted to let you know that the CaptionCall phone was installed and set up on Sunday. The entire process was one of the best things I have experienced in my lifetime. I don’t know how I can thank you … You could have just let me go my way but you contact me and set me up with this program even though I am no longer a viable customer. Kathy, that speaks volumes for you as a person. If there were more people in this world like you and April…. What a wonderful world this would be.” ~ S.E.

“After sitting next to her great-grandson and not being able to hear his response to her inquiry, Grandma realized she should accept her family’s offer to help her pursue a remedy of today’s technology. Kathleen Page of HEARS Audiology provided that technological remedy and in such a manner that deserves professional and personal accolades. Her patience, technical and communicative skill helped my 84-year old mother enjoy regaining her hearing. “WOW!!” …. she said, as her eyes lit up like a little kid upon hearing things she had not heard in a while when her devices were turned on. Only two visits were required for optimal adjustment. TV and conversational volume levels are back to normal. Kudos.”  ~ E.R.

“My H.E.A.R.S. audiological examination was comprehensive and thorough.  Kathleen Page, M.A. and Lynda Kunis, M.A. are consummate professionals who talked with me not at me.  The follow up letters to myself and my primary physician were beyond expectations.  For the first time in (4) four years I am wearing my hearing aids again.  The programmed adjustments were on the mark.  I am thrilled that I found H.E.A.R.S. and expect to maintain our relationship.  Who could ask for more.”  ~ F.C.M.

“Thank you for making the CAPD testing a pleasant experience for my daughter. When we arrived at your office she was a bit nervous, but your patience and professional manner immediately put her at ease. She could not wait to return for part II of the test.” ~ S.G.

“This has been a wonderful experience and I’m glad I had the courage to come.  I was a little scared at first, but I kept telling myself that it would improve the quality of life for me.  Well, not it’s two weeks later and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Now I can hear whole sentences, not just the beginning.”  ~ J.D.

“The testing here is extremely thorough. Nice atmosphere. Will come back again next year.” ~ L.P.

“Kathleen Page is so good with kids that they feel like they met a new friend.” ~ I.F.

“I can’t help but notice the excellent report you submitted to our committee … your well written evaluation has been very helpful to us and we look forward to utilizing your services in the future.” ~ P.C., East Islip School District

“Thank you so very much. More professionals like yourself are needed!” ~ C.A.

“Kathy Page … was exceedingly patient with R.J. In fact, it was the first time my son has allowed anyone to touch his ears without protest or crying.” ~ M.C-V.

“Excellent and professional evaluation. Very patient and understanding with children. A very good experience.” ~ S.L., MD

“My son had a great experience with Kathleen … I felt that he was in great hands.” ~ D.L.

“The staff was courteous , caring and efficient…Questions were answered fully and explanations were pleasantly provided.” ~ R.F.H.

“It is with great pleasure that I enthusiastically recommend H.E.A.R.S. to any early childhood learning center … very impressed with the professionalism of H.E.A.R.S. … extremely sensitive in their approach to our children … able to detect problems previously unnoticed. Ms. Page has become a part of this center’s commitment to providing resources for the appropriate development of young children.” ~ A.M., Tutor Time Child Care/Learning Center

“Our experience at H.E.A.R.S. has been wonderful. My daughter actually enjoyed the testing, since it was done in a relaxed and positive manner. Test results were explained to me – a novice – in an understandable fashion, and provided direction on next steps to be taken.” ~ S.H.

“From the perspective of 35 years of hearing aid use, we give H.E.A.R.S. a top rating.”  ~ M.G. & C.G.

“I came to H.E.A.R.S. Audiology expecting to buy a hearing aid.  …tested my ears and … felt that perhaps my loss could be alleviated by surgery.  This is the mark of a caring person.  She put my best interest first over making a sale.  It would have been very easy to just sell me a hearing aid.  It probably would have helped.  Instead, she referred me to an ENT to make sure that I am receiving the best care. … This is an ethical practice … I thank them whole heartedly and if it does turn out that I do need a hearing aid, I know exactly where I will purchase one.” ~ R.C.